Life in the North (Part One)

Summer is an important time of the year in the North. We have a short season to get everything done outside before winter hits and everything is frozen. We have been quite busy this past summer. Things are starting to calm down after the frenzy of summer projects.

One important part of the summer activities is our garden. I have written about the cultural importance of a garden in the past, but in Vanavara it is even more important, as food from the stores are brought up the winter road or flown in by airplane. As a result, it is more expensive. A garden is an important part of our food supply for the winter, it is not just a hobby for us.

We had a few unexpected surprises. There was an old greenhouse on our garden spot. I knew that it would need to be replaced someday, but I thought that I could get a few seasons out of it. As it turned out, it collapsed in early spring. Fortunately it collapsed before the time to plant, and I was able to replace it.

Another unexpected surprise was the smoke from the nearby forest fires. We have a short growing season here, but long hours of daylight which balance out the short growing season. This year, however, the smoke blocked out much of that daylight, which effected the garden. But praise the Lord, in spite of all the difficulties, our root cellar is full, and God has provided.


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