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Remodel We have been very busy the last few months with the remodel of the apartment. The remodel is very important, as it communicates permanency. We want people to understand that we have come to stay for long term, we are not just passing through, and that we want to be a contributing part of the village.
You may remember from earlier letters, that when buying or renting an apartment, things like kitchen cabinets, sinks, light fixtures, and so on are not included. That said, by default, every time one moves, he is walking into a remodel on some level. This time our remodel was quite a bit more extensive. The floors and walls needed to be made level and plumb. This is not an uncommon problem in regions like this. It arises from the unique difficulties in foundation work due to the depth of the frost line. The result is that things need to be leveled and plumbed on occasions. Our particular apartment was well overdue.
We have most of the hard work done, and now we are just putting up wa…