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Vacation Bible School in the City

We just finished our first week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the city. Next week we will be holding VBS in a nearby village. A lot of preparation has already gone into VBS, including building a two and a half meter tall Olympic torch and a winners platform, and 12 large flags  made by one of our church ladies. But even more critical  to an event is the preparatory work of planning and organizing, for that we are grateful to missionary Matt Northcut. Missionary Matt Northcut also designed a large banner and our flyers. (I am always amazed with  his ability in graphic design.) During this past week the children competed against one another for Olympic  style medals. They played hard and had a lot of fun. One of the competitions was in memorizing scripture. I was very impressed with our young people and how serious they were about memorizing the Bible. Two of the children memorized and recited as many as 52 verses in a five day period. I was very proud of Emily, as she learned 29 ve…