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Moving Forward

Our plans for Vanavara are moving along. It has been a very busy few weeks. Between buying the supplies for the Vanavara housing project, meeting delivery trucks, packing our belongings for transit up the winter road, moving my family from the village of Shila to a temporary apartment in the city, and all the other little details that go with such a move.

Our plan for the next few months is this: my family will live in the city for a few months while I prepare the flat in Vanavara for their arrival. Missionary Matt Northcut and I will make trips up the winter road. We have met a truck driver who lives in Vanavara. He is going to transport the bulk of our building supplies and we will follow him, like a caravan. This is also the safest way to travel on the winter road, as if one person runs into a problem he is not stranded in dangerously cold weather. We plan to start our first trip tomorrow. We spent most of today packing the truck with building supplies. Please pray for us in the m…