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Gardening for The Lord

We were able to get a garden in this year. We wanted to last year, but we needed to build some fences, and get the property prepared first, as it has been some time since the land has been worked. 

The garden has proven to be an opportunity to help build friendships. One of our neighbors came over to help us plant. We were also able to help her with some things in her garden. Some of our other neighbors gave us some starts to plant. On another occasion, one of my neighbors waved me down one day while I was outside working, to give me some pumpkin seeds that she had dried; because she had heard that we like pumpkin, and we can make some kind of unusual American pie with it??? Such friendships could open the door to presenting the Gospel.
There is a little bit more going on here then building friendships though; a garden is an important part of village life. To live in a village and not put a garden in would be very abnormal. It could even give you the reputation of being lazy, or even wo…

V.B.S. Preparations

Tomorrow we will kick off our first day of Vacation Bible School. We are planning to hold four different V.B.S. campaigns in four different locations. Tomorrow starts the first of these campaigns in the city. Please pray that these will go well.

We have been very busy with all the preparations that go into such a program. To fit in with our medieval theme, we were able to transform the church auditorium into a castle.

We also made the props so that they can be folded up and taken out to the villages for the village programs.

We have a variety  of games planned for the children ending with a medieval carnival. That said, in addition to building the castle props, we needed to also build a variety of games. It has been a lot of work, but it will be well worth it to have people sit under the teaching of the Gospel.

Please pray for us throughout the weeks to come. Please pray that:

God would soften and prepare the hearts of the lost.God would strengthen the saint.God would help us build fr…