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Vacation Bible School (Report 2)

Vacation Bible School (VBS) went very well this year. We held VBS in three locations: the villages of Automoniva and Shila, as well as the city. We had a good group at each of the locations; although in Shila, many of our regulars were away at a summer camp, so our numbers in Shila were considerably lower than I anticipated. 

I was really excited about the participation of the church members with the  VBS outreach in the villages. It was really exciting to see them putting on puppet shows for the kids, making the snacks, and helping with registration. In general, trying to be a blessing to the young people. This is important, as we want this to be a ministry of the church, and not just something that the missionaries put on each year.  
We tried something we have never tried before in the city; we took the  inflatable bounce house to some of the nearby playgrounds and set it up. As the local children played, we were able to talk to their moms and grandmothers about VBS. Through this, we…