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Prayer Letter (November/December 2011)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Moved again and Documents turned in
We have had to move again, as our former landlord’s deed was tied up in some kind of law suit. As you may recall, we were unable to register our place of dwelling, and where thus unable to proceed with applying for permanent residency. We had no choice but to move again. By law we had to register where we were living and because of the longevity of our ministry here we also needed to apply for permanent residency.
Our new apartment is a little smaller than the other, but it is well laid out, which makes up for the lack of space. We are quite comfortable, but even more important, we were able to register and turn in our documents for residency! Now we just have to wait for an answer. We should know something by the end of April. Black light chalkBy the grace of God I am still making attempts at teaching the children’s ministry in Russian. I have tried to make use of chalk and black light chalk in some of these lessons…

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