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Getting Excited About This Summers V.B.S.

Yesterday we had our first meeting in preparation for this summer's Vacation Bible Schools. The theme this year is "Guard your Heart," and it is taken from Proverbs 4:23. The decor and games are being planned around a medieval-knights-and-castle theme. Most of the month of June will be taken up with  preparation  for V.B.S. Our first V.B.S, in the city, starts on the 25th of June. In the following weeks we will head out to the villages with the V.B.S. program.Please pray for our summers V.B.S. programs. It has always proven to be a great opportunity to meet new people and preach the gospel.

Back Home

We have made it back home and are getting settled in. All of our flights went well, however a few pieces of our luggage were lost. The airport quickly found them and they were returned within a few days. They were not damaged and the people at the airport were very kind and professional.

Our first Sunday back also went well. We had a good group in both the Shila service and children's church service in the city. Our two church members, who were covering the lessons, did a fantastic job. They are planing on continuing to teach every other Sunday. This is an important step, as I am trying to phase myself out of these ministries so as to free myself up in in order to move further north.

We also thank the Lord for friends and coworkers in the ministry like Matt and Katie Northcutt. In our absence they oversaw the children's church and Shila service, in additionn to their other ministry obligations. This is no small task, and we are very grateful.

Please continue to pray for us as…

Leaving for Siberia

Furlough has quickly past by, and we are all packed and ready to depart. Today I will pick up a car from a rental company to load with our luggage. The plan is to drive to the airport in Washington DC, overnight at a hotel, and in the morning we will drop the car off and board our first flight. We fly from Washington to New York and then on to Moscow. We will arrive in Moscow Thursday morning and will not leave for Krasnoyarsk until the evening, so we will spend the day in Moscow. There is a train that can take you into the city, so we will do a little sight seeing.  If all goes as planned, we will leave America on the 7th, and arrive in Siberia on the 9th.