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Moving to Shila

We are planning to move from the city to village of Shila. There are several reasons for this, let me mention a few: currently we go to the village on the weekends. Saturday is a time of  visitation, and on Sunday we hold services. As a result, we are seeing progress, but for something to really be established in this village someone needs to live there; someone needs to build friendships with the neighbors, the  shopkeepers and all those  living in the village. If we move to the village we will no longer be “the Americans who come to our village on the weekends”, but “Americans who live in our village”.

Another reason for this move is to more fully immerse myself into the Russian language. To my knowledge, there are no English speakers in Shila, so we would be completely dependent on Russian. We would still be within driving distance to the city, so that if there were a real problem to arise; we would be able to contact someone. I am looking at this as a sort of middle step from where…